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Toothache can be caused by a number of different factors. If the tooth is extremely sensitive to hot or cold, this may be a sign of decay and antibiotics will not help.

These at-home measures may help assist with pain management until you can see a dentist:

Good cleaning with fluoride toothpaste and reducing sugar intake will help stop decay from getting any worse.

If there is a hole in the tooth, or the tooth has cracked and is now sensitive, a temporary filling material can be packed into the space to help make symptoms more manageable. These are widely available both online and from supermarkets or pharmacies.

Toothpaste aimed at reducing tooth sensitivity, such as Sensodyne Repair and Protect or Colgate Sensitive Prorelief, may also help reduce pain. Rub the toothpaste directly on to the affected area and do not rinse.

Pain killers and anaesthetic gel such as Orajel can also help ease the pain.

If the pain is severe, rinsing with cold water can sometimes ease the pain whilst you are waiting to be assessed by a dentist.

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